We are OutSmart

Can you predict the short and long term costs of your wind or solar farm? Difficult? At OutSmart, we can. As experts, we are mainly active in the operational phase of your projects. We support investors, owners, fund managers and industrial offtakers in managing and getting a return on their investment.

Since 2008, we act as a frontrunner in the energy transition. We are active in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. We are recognized by the market for our extensive knowledge and experience in the operational management of wind and solar parks. We do this independently. Both on land and at sea. Both for wind and for solar.

What we do

Our 45 employees are all specialists in their own discipline. We also work closely with partners on technical solutions for wind turbines and solar parks. From our experience, we know that the efficiency in the short and medium term can be accurately predicted and influenced. How exactly? That is where our expertise lies.

We are valued for our ability to accurately predict costs and benefits. And our proactive and transparent way of working with our innovative solutions.

Smart products

We develop smart products. We always work independently. With our services, we cover the entire life cycle of your wind and solar farm.

This means that we facilitate, operate and optimise the entire life cycle. We do this in several ways:

  1. For you as a potential future owner, we identify technical and commercial risks (due diligence) prior to the acquisition.
  2. We carry out inspections and quality checks (review of the as-built documentation) of your projects during construction and/or prior to the takeover of the project.
  3. We take care of your wind and/or solar park 24/7, 365 days a year, depending on your requests and requirements. Ranging from installation responsibility to permit to work and HSSE.

Not the right job vacancy for you?

Interested in our company, but the job vacancies right now are not what you are looking for? Do not hesitate to contact us anyway. We are always interested to get acquainted with dedicated and experienced onshore and offshore wind energy experts. Under employment, for a specific project assignment or as freelancer.

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